Winner of the 2019 Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest

We received so many amazing photos of dogs enjoying their summer: swimming, hiking, sunbathing, and of course, enjoying their favorite Old Mother Hubbard treats. No wonder why it’s called the “Dog Days of Summer”! Before we announce the winner, we first need to thank all of YOU for sharing such pawesome photos of your dogs having a blast; we loved seeing them all. After a lot of consideration, there were so many amazing photos, we have officially picked our Grand Prize Winner… as well as two runner ups and six honorable mentions. We couldn’t pick just one. Read on to see our top picks!

Grand Prize Winner

Submitted by @floofcloudnine

@floofcloudnine: “I think an alien left this message for us! It says…bring more treatos”

Runners Up

Submitted by @carotiger

@carotiger: “Happy #TongueOutTuesday friends!”

Submitted by @berneseofpnw

@berneseofpnw: “Hope everyone’s having a pawesome weekend!”

Honorable Mentions

Submitted by “more sunsets, less netflix”

Submitted by @rpr6879

@rpr6879: “Happy #TongueOutTuesday!”

Submitted by @izak_the_aussie

@izak_the_aussie: “I would drive 1900 miles for you to run on the beach any day”

Submitted by @lillytheaussie

@lillytheaussie: “I feel good from my head to-ma-toes!”

Submitted by @shmoopy23

@shmoopy23: “Chillin’ with All The Fixins”

Submitted by @kilokilopower

@kilokilopower: “Making the most of the summer with my bff!”

Thanks again to the Old Mother Hubbard fans who participated!