Top Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Summer often means longer days, more time outside enjoying the nice weather, different foods, and attending celebrations. While all of these are fun events, they can present potential summer hazards for your pet. Discover our best summer safety advice for dogs to learn how to prevent accidents, dehydration, heat exhaustion, digestive issues, and other seasonal health problems.

Keeping them safe during fireworks

Fireworks celebrations are one of the top reasons dogs go missing—running off after being scared by the sounds of fireworks, according to the ASPCA. Help keep them calm by keeping them home in a safe, indoor space. They might want access to a dark, cave-like space to hide during the noise. Ideally, a family member or trusted friend would stay home with them to keep them company during this noisy time. Make sure they go on a walk before fireworks start so they can get some energy out. Get them a special toy or an occupy chew that’s engineered to make your dog chew longer and keep them busy while cleaning their teeth.

Look after them in the heat

The summer heat is no joke for your dog, especially if they have a thick coat of fur. Make sure your pet has a cool place to rest during the summer’s hottest days, always provide a large bowl of cool water for them to drink throughout the day, and mind the heat index before taking your dog outside. You might need to change your midday dog walk to the early morning or evening so your dog can safely get exercise in the heat. Never make them wait in an enclosed car on a warm day—temps can skyrocket and they can quickly overheat.

Pay attention to summer foods

Barbecue season is a favorite in our country, partly because we love to socialize outside and because there are so many delicious foods to enjoy that you may not eat during the other parts of the year. These are two factors your pup will be excited about, too! Make sure your dog doesn’t get into raw meat, fried foods, onions and garlic (in foods as well) as they can be harmful to their digestive system. Remind guests—especially young ones!—not to feed the dog their leftovers, to watch their unattended plates of food, and to pick up any food that falls on the ground. Give your dog Old Mother Hubbard Grillin’ Grub hamburger-shaped treats instead. These BBQ-flavored dog snacks are flavored with cheese, bacon, and hickory smoke—yum! Check out these best dog summer foods you can also give your pup.

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Protect them from summer pests

Being attacked by bugs can be one of the pitfalls of summer—to humans and dogs alike. Although fleas and ticks can be a year-round problem, you’ll likely be outdoors more, so protect your dog in advance as best you can with your veterinarian’s tick prevention strategy. Discuss flea prevention options with your vet as well to see if flea collars or pills are preferred for your pooch.

Keep them safe around water

Not every dog knows how to swim. You don’t want to find out the hard way when they fall off a boat, jump in a pool, or are in a precarious water situation and struggling to swim. If you’re going to be boating with your pup, get them a life jacket. Keep them away from a pool or body of water when they aren’t supervised.