How to #CookieCam like The Dogist

by @TheDogist

I’ve been photographing dogs for The Dogist for the past six years, and people almost always ask me one question – how do you get the dogs to look at you?

There are a few different answers to this. I make weird noises, use squeaky tennis balls, and generally possess a certain “dog energy” that they seem to get. But the thing that most reliably works for every dog – my go to – are dog treats.

And to be more specific – Old Mother Hubbard dog treats.

Photo via @thedogist

Old Mother Hubbard biscuits have been my treat of choice for years. When I get dressed in the morning, I put on my knee pads, cargo shorts, and stuff my pockets full of them. I am almost never without treats. I even have a few in my back pocket when I’m on a date, in case I run into a dog going for a nighttime walk.

I started using them for a few different reasons. First of all, they are the perfect size for any dog. The “mini” size works for Pugs and Great Danes just the same. Second, they hold their structure and don’t crumble easily. Third, they don’t smell gross or leave your fingers feeling sticky from handling them. Fourth, they’re made from the best, healthy ingredients. Oh, and basically every dog loves them!

Photo via @thedogist

The idea for #cookiecam came about when I realized how joyful it is giving a treat to a dog, and I wanted to share those moments I had. I would sometimes take photos (see above) of me giving a dog a treat, and our audience would love it. Something about the close-nose perspective and watching them munch it brings humor to what would be an otherwise “serious” portrait of a dog.

Photo via @thedogist

Instagram Stories proved to be the perfect channel for #cookiecam. It’s an overall casual, off the cuff experience, so my handheld iPhone footage of my first person encounters with my dog voice narration fit perfectly. With the ability to do slow-motion videos, I can even toss the dogs cookies to see if they can catch them, with mixed results 😀

#Cookiecam has become an amazing and fun part of my job. Not only do I love giving dogs treats and of course the dogs love receiving them, but every fan feels like it’s almost them giving the dog the treat, too. Vicarious dog cookie joy!

Now, almost every dog I photograph also appears on the #cookiecam.

photo via @thedogist

I’ve only ever use Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits, so being able to work with their team to create a custom Dogist #cookiecam dog treat is truly a dream come true for me.

I am so excited to present this OMH x The Dogist collaboration, and further bring these #cookiecam cookies to life. I hope to give one to your dog!

Photo via @thedogist


Follow these steps below:

  1. Get a cookie, your phone, and find a dog
  2. Get your dog’s attention with the cookie and start recording
  3. Ask the dog if he or she wants the cookie, then dog voice narrate their response
  4. Give the dog the cookie, and dog voice narrate their thoughts on how amazing it is.
  5. Turn your phone to slow-motion and toss a second cookie to see your dog’s catching skills