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A Showcase From Pet Parents Who Have Had Outstanding Results

Many pet parents have already discovered that Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats are a naturally wholesome reward for dogs at snack time. We invite you to share your story and inspire others to discover Old Mother Hubbard.

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Latest Testimonials


Leia came into our lives as a pup & quickly became the center of attention, as any terrier will have it. She has grown up with the Old Mother Hubbard Classic Original Assortment Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits and can tell the smell of the different flavors. She will sniff & turn her head to the side if that's not the flavor she wants. Such a little diva!

— Ali D., Long Beach CA

I was tired of going through the pet store looking for treats or cookies that my dogs would like. There are so many out there that I just couldn't decide. One day I found Old Mother Hubbard and gave it a try. My large breed dogs got to try the Mother's Solutions Skin and Coat Dog Treats first and then we decided to try the crunchy biscuits (we call them "cookies"). They all really like the Chick'N'Apples, that is their favorite. Now Ginger is on the Low Fat Mother's Solutions treats due to her being over weight. She loves the Old Mother Hubbard brand - once she tried Old Mother Hubbard she wouldn't eat other brands of dog treats ever again!

— Tina K., Fort Lauderdale FL

Chloe has just joined our family and she loves long walks in the woods, playing in the water, watching the chickens, and working on her skills! Her favorite skill to practice is "roll over" where every time her ears flop back as she rolls over and then she waits for her favorite Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Puppy Biscuits!

— Sara G., Gilford NH
All Natural Since 1926

All Natural Since 1926


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