Take Dog Pictures That Turn Out Perfectly Every Time

Anyone who’s ever tried to get their dog to sit nice or pose for a photo knows how challenging it can be. So why is it that some people’s dogs are perfectly posed on social media photos and dog selfies and your dog just won’t cooperate? They may need practice, or they might be easily distracted (squirrel!).  Luckily, with the right tools in place, you can get the perfect family photo or take a picture of them in a great setting. Whether you want to photograph your dog for a holiday card, social media post, to send to a friend or to print out and hang up, we’ve got you covered with dog photo capturing tips. Here’s how to take a great photo with your dog, every time.

1.) Have everything else set up and in place.

If you plan on taking a group shot with the family, or to pose your pup next to a Christmas tree or scenic backdrop, make sure you have those elements in place first. Get everyone else lined up and ready and then call your pooch over for those cute puppy pictures. The shorter amount of time you are trying to keep your dog composed, the better.


2.) Minimize distractions.

If you’re setting up the photo shoot at home, make sure it’s quiet and there isn’t anyone coming to the front door, or they aren’t situated in front of a window where they could be distracted by an animal. You can’t compete with a squirrel!

3.) Get them to sit.

Sounds simple, right? If your dog doesn’t know this command or follow it well, photographing your dog will take more time and practice. If you need help getting them to sit on command, our next tip can help.

4.) Break out the treats.

If your dog knows to sit nice when you have a delectable treat in your hand—like our Mini Classic Biscuits: perfect for training and rewarding your dog—why not offer him or her this incentive when you want them to pose for the perfect dog photo?

5.) Get them to look at the camera.

You’ll probably need to establish a code word or phrase to get them to know that you want them to look at the phone in your hand or your camera. After all, they see you whip your phone out all day long, so why should this instance be special? Pet travel expert and blogger, Amy Burkert, suggests familiarizing your dog with a command to get them to look at the phone or camera. For her dogs it’s “pay attention.” She practiced that for a while and rewarded them with treats when they obeyed so now her dogs know to turn their heads toward her when she says that—and she can snap the perfect shot!

6.) Turn on lights.

You’ll probably want to avoid the flash, which can result in glowing eyes on the photo and possibly bother your pet. Take the photo in a brightly lit room if possible or open up curtains to allow in natural light. Photographing black dogs can be particularly challenging. Try to take these dog pictures outdoors soon after sunrise or before sunset, or, place them in a setting where there are contrasting colors so it’s easier to see them. If you photograph your black dog indoors, supplement with lots of natural light.

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