How to Find a Better Dog Treat

When it comes to showing our dogs some love or give them a special reward, it is no surprise that most pet parents frequently reach for their treat tin because he is ‘such a good boy’.  Treating our dogs is a moment to connect, a moment we cherish and one that we know just goes a long way in making our pet happy and us too at the same time.

But as good as that treating experience is, often choosing the right treat for your dog is a decision filled with confusion, uncertainty, and guess work. So how do you pick the perfect tasty treat for you dog that can become your pantry staple, the one that is always on hand, keeps them healthy and is a taste that all dogs, most importantly, will love?

Below are three key factors for finding that perfect treat:

Low Calorie and Low Fat:  Keeping your dog’s waistlines top of mind is key to not only prevent unwanted weight gain but choosing a healthier treat will also means each treat will deliver less calories.  Your dog is unlikely does not care about the number calories per treat, but he will care about exactly how many treats you give him!  A low calorie, low fat treat means the number of treats go up whilst the calories stay in check and we are certain all dogs will agree that is a great thing! If you are looking for a yummy low-fat treat, check out Old Mother Hubbard’s Low Fat Treats!

A Crunchy Texture:  Choosing a baked treat which has the added benefit of a crunchy texture delivers a reward that also helps keep their teeth clean.  With dental disease as the number one disease affecting our dogs, that crunchy treat will help to scrape tartar off their teeth. When combined with brushing or a daily dental chews like a WHIMZEES, you can be sure you are doing the very best to keep their teeth healthy.

Ingredients: A better biscuit always starts with better ingredients.  Things to look for include named meat proteins like fresh chicken and eggs as well as ingredients you recognize like apples, carrots and oats.  Not only should you check what ingredients are listed in the treat you pick, it is as equally important to scan for the ingredients that you want to avoid and make sure they are not in that treat.   A higher quality treat will avoid un-named generic cereals, meat-by-products, sugars, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and artificial colors.

Happy treating!