Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are approaching, and you have to come up with new & exciting gifts AGAIN. Seriously, does anyone else get gift fatigue? Well, we’re here to make your life a little easier, because we’ve put together a gift guide for your furry friend, with a special section of Dogist gifts for all those dog lovers in your life.

Best Gifts for Your Dog:

#CookieCam Cookies

If you know a person who owns a dog, then that dog needs dog treats. This gift is practical, no nonsense, and will SURELY make you that dog’s favorite person (just think of how many cookies you can sneak under the table at dinner). These are all natural, oven baked treats that every member of the family can feel good about. Forget about leaving Santa cookies – the dogs deserve it more.

Big Ol’ Bone

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Look no further. Old Mother Hubbard’s Big Ol’ Bone is the perfect gift for your pup. Made with all natural ingredients, the biggest and cronchiest biscuit yet can be feed as one giant treat, or can be broken up into smaller pieces for smaller pups.

WHIMZEES Dental Chews

A two in one treat! A delicious treat your dog will go crazy for (in a good way), and it cleans their teeth! These dental chews help reduce plaque and tartar in your pups’ mouth, which means fresher breath and more face kisses! If your dog gets nervous while you’re hosting holiday parties, WHIMZEES are also an awesome distraction for your pup to chew on while you party on.

Dog Bandanas

Of course, we had to throw in an accessory for the pup too – because if there’s anything dog lovers love more than apparel for THEMSELVES, it’s apparel for their dogs. The Dogist dog bandanas are adorable, lightweight, and scientifically proven to look good on any and all dogs. Trust us. It’s a fact.

Best Dogist Gifts for Dog Lovers

DOGS crewneck

The Dogist DOGS line fully encompasses everything that we love in life – dogs, dogs, and more dogs. Okay, so the list isn’t very long… but can you blame us? Every dog lover needs this cozy crewneck to survive the brutal winter, while still repping their dog love. Also comes in a long-sleeve & t-shirt.

Dogist Totes

The Dogist tote bags are a bestseller, and for good reason – they’re affordable, high quality, adorable, AND communicates all of our inner dialogue, like – CAN I PET YOUR DOG? Or, DOGS ARE MY PEOPLE. No matter which dog person you’re shopping for, we have a tote for them!

Classic Long Sleeve

If the person you’re shopping for is more subtle, than this is the collection for you. The Dogist classic line is timeless & minimal, which is perfect for the person who LOVES dogs, but doesn’t want to scream it from the top of their lungs (which we don’t fully understand, but that’s okay). The Dogist classic long sleeve is a great choice for the more understated dog person. Also comes in a t-shirt.

Dogist Beanies

Winter is here whether we like it or not, so we might as well bulk up on some cute winter accessories. These beanies are perfect stocking stuffers for anyone who needs to walk their dogs in sub-zero temperatures (ok, maybe we’re being dramatic… BUT WHATEVER) while still maintaining SOME semblance of cool.

Logo Mug

It’s a fact – you can never have too many mugs. Also, mugs ALWAYS make great gifts. ALSO, dog mugs are better than any other mugs. THEREFORE, our mugs are the best. It’s been scientifically proven. These babies are all classic diner mugs with a twist. Also comes in DOG MOM, DOG DAD, and DOG PERSON.