The Best Dog Halloween Costumes

The fall season & Halloween are some of our favorite times of the year. What could be more fun than dressing your dog up or creating several homemade dog costumes for your pup to wear to festivities and parades all month long? We thought we’d make your Halloween costume ideas search easier by providing some of the top dog costumes you can make at home, easy costume ideas you might find in the store, and couple and dog costumes that will be a hit at parties or with neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Whether you’re looking for cute dog costumes, ideas to DIY, big dog costumes or small dog costumes, and every size in between, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best simple dog costume ideas and dog and owner costumes to celebrate Halloween 2019.

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Spider Costume

This Halloween costume is one of the more popular costumes every year. Dog spider costumes range from an elaborate furry, multi-eyed getup that come in black and orange, to a simpler eight black legs and a body version. This can also be a fun opportunity for a dog and owner costume you can do by dressing up as Little Miss Muffet, or, even a Spiderman costume for you and the kids!

Skeleton Costume

This is another easy dog costume that works as a great and simple DIY especially if you have a black dog, or pet with darker fur, and he or she will sit still while you use non-toxic, washable tempera paints to paint white “bones” on his or her fur. We think it also makes for a cute option for dog and owner Halloween costumes by adding white “bones” to a cheap black shirt and pants using fabric paint or parchment paper cutouts. This option is also a fun couple and dog costumes idea to try out.

Minion Costume

Those Minions from the ‘Despicable Me’ movie act like adorable pets we’d love to hang out with, so why not dress your furry friend up as a Minion dog? This easy dog costume is available to buy online and can work as a small dog costumes option, or, they often go up to extra, extra large so it’s a good option for large dog Halloween costumes, too. You can even order Minion costumes for couples and your children or babies for a ‘Despicable Me’ family Halloween costume.


Lion Costume

Dressing your pooch up as a lion can be an option for simple dog costume idea. All you need is a lion mane and a dog that’s willing to wear it! (Yes, we know that can be the hard part.) You can find lion dog costumes online and in stores, or, try a DIY dog costume made by sewing on fur or knitting a crocheted yarn mane. We like that this blog on shows you how to knit a lion dog mane collar if your pooch can’t stand having something around their head. For fun Halloween dog and owner costumes ideas, you could dress up as other characters from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ now that you have your lion!

No matter what you put your pooch in this Halloween to celebrate, we’re pretty sure it’ll get some laughs and Awws, because, let’s be honest, most dog Halloween costumes are funny dog costumes!  Some funny dog costumes we can’t stop giggling over include sushi dog costumes, hot dog costumes, pet Star War costumes (like Chewbacca), taco dog costumes, and Cookie Monster dog costumes.

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