6 Ways to Spend Time With Your Dog This Spring

Take advantage of the nice spring weather and celebrate National Pet Month this May by taking part in a few of these activities with your dog.

Happy Dog in Spring Sitting in Flower Garden

Visit a dog park.

This might be part of your weekly quality time routine with your pup but if you haven’t taken your four-legged friend to a dog park recently, this will be a fun outing for both of you. Visit a new dog park you’ve researched online, pack some water for your dog and a beverage for you, and get ready to make new friends. Make sure you reward your dog for her excellent behavior with an Old Mother Hubbard® by Wellness® treating moment when you get home.

Plan a puppy playdate.

Have a friend or family member who’d love to socialize with their dog? Plan a dog playdate at one of your homes, a dog park, or a safe, gated area where the dogs can run around together. If you don’t have a dog owner in mind to socialize with, check out a local group on social media to meet up with or search for your city or town + dog owners online to find local activities.  (Yes, there are dog owner dating apps to check out, too!) You could even do a deeper dive online to meet neighbors who have the same breed as your dog!

Pamper your pet.

If you can’t remember the last time your dog had a bath – or, okay, you’re too embarrassed to admit it – now’s a great time to book a grooming appointment for your dog. Set your pooch up with a bath, brush, fur trim and nail trim if they need it. Make sure you ask for the pet groomer to brush your dog’s teeth as well. The professionals might let you know if it’s time for a dog dental cleaning with a vet. You could also bathe, brush, trim nails, and brush your dog’s teeth on your own at home in your bath or outside if it’s warm enough. Give them lots of praise and a WHIMZEES® by Wellness® dental chew when you’re done or when they come home from the groomers.

Teach them a new trick.

Take the time this month to teach your dog a new trick. While she’s probably a pro at  following the basic commands: sit, stay, and lay down, you could follow some easy videos on YouTube to learn a new trick or two by the end of the month. Once you’ve both perfected her new dog trick, capture it on video and share on social media using #dogtricks and #dogtraining on Instagram to show off her accomplishments with that dog-loving community.

Hike a new trail or park.

Use the nicer weather as an excuse to take your dog on a new dog-friendly hiking trail or to a different dog park. Set aside time on one of your days off to drive a bit farther for a new experience. You could ask other owners at the dog park for suggestions on places they take their dogs to in the area. Jot them down in the Notes app or something similar on your phone so you don’t forget. Inquire about fun, dog-friendly locales on your local social media apps, like Nextdoor, or on Facebook Groups.

Volunteer at a pet nonprofit.

What better way to celebrate National Pet Month than giving back to a local shelter or rescue in your area. Inquire about any volunteer opportunities coming up, as well as events happening in the coming weeks. You could also call up and ask what they need in terms of donations and supplies and help fulfill some of those needs.