4th of July Pet Safety Tips

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Hot dogs, watermelon, flag waving, and fireworks. All the things that make July 4th fun for us, makes it not so much fun for our pets – especially the explosion of fireworks.

In fact, according to the pet microchipping company, Home Again, July 4th is the biggest day of the year for lost pets. Imagine, your dog is hanging out in the backyard with you, perfectly happy. But Cousin Joe comes over and leaves the gate open. Before long, someone starts lighting firecrackers. Max panics at the explosions and escapes through the open gate.

Scenarios like this occur around the country every year and few of those dogs make it back to their homes and instead wind up in crowded shelters.

Avoid the heartbreak and stress of a lost pet with these tips.

4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During July 4th Celebrations

  • An up-to-date ID is always a good idea. If your pooch needs a fresh tag with his current address, you can get those engraved while you wait at most pet stores. If your pet is microchipped and you’re not sure if your address is updated and current, take a few minutes to log in to the microchip database and check.

    Shelters and veterinarians will check lost pets for a microchip. If your dog has one and can be matched with a current address and contact information, that will increase your odds of being reunited.

  • Keep your pet away from Citronella candles, lighter fluid, charcoal, insect repellant and anything else that may seem attractive to your dog. This is especially true if you have a chewer. Any of those items would be dangerous if ingested and could require an emergency vet visit. Nothing puts a damper on fun like emergency trips to the doctor.
  • During fireworks, put Fido in a safe spot inside your home. A favorite crate, a room with the door closed, whatever makes sense for your dog and environment. You might even put on soft music and offer your pet a favorite treat to occupy him. The snap, crackle, boom of fireworks distresses dogs and even the most social pooches don’t want to go to the fireworks display.
  • Don’t let guests feed your dog from their plates. You could have a very sick pooch on your hands if Max eats his weight in hot dogs. If they simply can’t help themselves and want to feed your dog, offer them dog treats. That way, you know what your dog is eating and even if he has too many, he’s not likely to get seriously ill.

    It can take a little planning and management of your pet (and sometimes people) but it’s worth it. What dog safety tips do you have?

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