In Celebration of Pet Appreciation Week

Hopefully, the ways we show appreciation to our pets are better received than our dogs’ slobbery kisses may be.

It’s a common sentiment to hear a pet parent say something like, “I cuddle my cat until he gets mad at me and runs away.”


Sometimes there’s a fine line between appreciating and annoying. Not that you NEED a special Pet Appreciation Week to show your pets appreciation, but it is kind of fun to spoil them a little extra.

How can you appreciate YOUR pet and make them feel loved?

Ways to Appreciate Your Pet


Ask yourself, what does your pet most enjoy? Many dogs love rides in the car, trips to the dog park, or long walks – maybe all of the above. Carve out time in your schedule to spend time with your dog doing what he or she loves to do.

Cats may enjoy stuffed mice filled with catnip or time chasing a laser pointer. Not sure? Try it and see!


In many parts of the country, the weather is warming up. This means both dogs and cats may be shedding more and you can help relieve them of loose fur by brushing them more often. This helps them feel better by thinning a heavy coat – it also helps you keep your house cleaner by corralling the fur in one place rather than coating everything in your home with a layer of pet hair.

Why not book a grooming appointment for your dog? They may not love the actual grooming, but everyone feels better after a good bath.


Pets’ nutritional needs change as they age. If your pet is transitioning to a senior – (which can be as young as 5-6 years old for giant breeds) then it’s worth a discussion with your veterinarian to see whether adding nutritional supplements might be an option.

You’ll want to make sure they’re getting what they need on the inside so they feel great and look great on the outside.

New Treats

old mother hubbard dog biscuits

Sometimes picking up a new bag of an old favorite is all it takes to have your dog barking your praises! Our pantry staple is Old Mother Hubbard Classic Original Assortment oven-baked biscuits.

New Duds

Old mother hubbard dog with harness

Is your pet due for a new collar/leash? Why not celebrate the approach of summer with a summer themed duo? Flowers, lady bugs, or a simple plaid pattern could adorn the neck of your pet and replace the worn set you’ve been meaning to replace.


dog licking woman's face

If you’re like a lot of pet lovers, you have dozens of pictures of Fido on your iPhone’s camera roll. Why not share your favorites with us by using the hashtag #OldMotherHubbard on Instagram! We regularly re-gram our favorites.

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#SmoochYourPooch Dog Photo Contest Winners!

Although love is always in the air when you have a loving pup, this year, Old Mother Hubbard decided to celebrate the unique bond pet parents have with their pups during the month of February with our 2nd Annual#SmoochYourPooch Dog Photo Contest. We asked Old Mother Hubbard fans to submit photos of their dogs showing affection. We had an overwhelming response to this challenge, with nearly 1,600 entries. It was touching to see so many loving pet parent/dog bond captured on camera. It was very difficult to narrow down the entries as everyone did such an amazing job with their submissions.

After plenty of evaluation, we’re excited to share the grand-prize winner of the Old Mother Hubbard Smooch Your Pooch Dog Photo Contest! This winner will take home a year’s supply of Old Mother Hubbard natural dog treats!

#SmoochYourPooch Grand Prize Winner:








“Brotherly Love” – Leslie B.

Second Runner Up:

“Kirby and Bane love each other so much they formed a heart and fell asleep.” – Jennifer K.

Third Runner Up Winner:

“Just want you to know…I love you! Love Seiger” – Aimee D.

#SmoochYourPooch Honorable Mentions:

“Welcome Home Skylar”- Melissa M.


“Chocolate smooches … Now free with Old Mother Hubbard Dog Snacks. Unlimited supply of kisses.” – Sue Z.


“My love, my heart, my Diego” – Susan S.


“Bromance Boys”- Kathryn D.


“Morgan and her little sister hanging out” – Brandy W.


“Kobi Kisses” – Becki S.


“My Dublin was rescued from the NYC ACC about a year ago, soon after my dog Spot passed away.  Dublin is the most loving an affectionate creature ever! He never turns down a chance to give kisses” – Wendy C.


“Rescue dog love” – Karen L.


“The Best Bridesmaid Ever”- Jacqui W.


“I love snuggles!” – Linda F.


“Kira Sandwich Double Smooch” – Rachel M.


“Kisses from Mom!” – Taylor P.

Our 2nd and 3rd place runners up will each be receiving an Old Mother Hubbard basket filled with treats and vouchers. Honorable mentions will each receive an Old Mother Hubbard Prize Pack!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. It was fun and inspiring to see the love the we share with our pets firsthand.

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Celebrate International Dog Biscuit Day

In 1907, inventor of margarine and paint remover Carleton Ellis created the now iconic bone shape for early dog treats. Before that, dog treats didn’t have a special shape meant to appeal to humans. They also weren’t as widely available as they are today.

Of course, fast forward 110 years and dog treats come in shapes ranging from paws to cats. Beyond that, they’re filled with antioxidants and other “good for your pup” ingredients to fill a range of nutritional needs.

From our most popular Classic Biscuits in four flavors, Original, Cheddar, Chicken, and Charcoal, our dog biscuits today range widely in texture, shapes, and even purpose.

Combining Dog Treats with Other Benefits

For humans, a piece of cake may feel like a reward but it has no side benefit beyond the present moment.

Certain dog treats do, like our Mini & Training treats. These bite-size nibbles keep your dog engaged and focused on you during training sessions or anytime you want to say “good dog” with a tasty tidbit. As any pet parent knows, training your dog with treats is far easier than training without!

We also like to celebrate your dog’s healthy mouth.

Take our Tarter Control biscuits. Made with cranberry fiber and baking soda, they help keep your pup’s teeth clean between brushing. Cranberries have microbial properties that help to kill bacteria in your pet’s mouth and form a protective shield on your pet’s teeth so they’re protected from tooth decay.

It’s no surprise that we have such a variety of dog biscuits available today. Humans are focused on health and nutrition in their own diets, so it of course, they’re concerned about that of their four-legged family members.

Old Mother Hubbard fan Leia, is a fan of the Classic. “Leia came into our lives as a pup & quickly became the center of attention, as any terrier will have it. She has grown up with the Old Mother Hubbard Classic Original Assortment Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits and can tell the smell of the different flavors. She will sniff & turn her head to the side if that’s not the flavor she wants. Such a little diva!”

This International Dog Biscuit Day, which biscuits will your dog enjoy? Post a picture of your pup on our Facebook page!

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Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month and Enjoy a Better Trained Dog

Think of the best mannered dog you’ve ever met. Got him or her in mind? Good. What stands out to you about that pooch?

Was it the fact that he walked politely on a leash, was well-behaved towards other dogs and children that you could count on him to listen to his guardian when called? When you get down to it, a well-mannered dog is one you can count on for the same behavior every time. They’re an asset to the family.

Yet, even well-trained dogs usually have at least one area they’d benefit from “improving.” What area could your dog improve on?

National Train Your Dog Month is a great time to focus on helping your dog with better obedience.

Dog training

First, You Establish the Ground Rules

Dog trainers will tell you that training starts with you. Consistent (and positive) action reaps the reward of a well-mannered family member. That consistent (and positive) action starts with you and your household members.

Which means, if you want to teach your dog to keep all four paws on the ground, then EVERYONE in the family needs to be on board with that behavior and not encourage Max to jump up to greet them. This may require a family meeting to discuss why you want to keep Max earthbound (he’ll knock over Grandma!) and get agreement.

As dog trainers often say, you’re really training the people.

Once you have agreement from your household members, you can put a box of favorite treats by the door (out of Max’s reach of course.) Then, when you come inside, and all four paws stay on the floor, you can praise and offer a treat.

If you have consistency, it won’t take Max long to get the message of feet on the floor equals a treat.
dog training


As dog trainer Heather Skelly of Sweet Paw Dog Training in Wilmington, DE, says, “Praise and reward are effective training tools for dogs. It’s the equivalent to offering a gold star to the child who raises her hand and answers the question in school.”

You may already know your dog wants to make you happy. When you show him HOW, everyone wins.

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National Dog Day!

After all, “Every Dog Will Have His Day” and this year, it’s August 26. National Dog Day is an opportunity to celebrate dogs of all types. Of course, we think every day is an opportunity to celebrate our canine friends so this just makes it extra special.

6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Yappy Hour: August 26 is a Friday and a summer Friday afternoon seems perfect for a Yappy Hour either at your home or an area restaurant. If your pooch is the social type, you can invite a couple of dog loving pals to meet you at a nearby pet-friendly patio for appetizers and a drink.

Doggie Massage: Everyone loves a massage. Why not give your dog one. Start around the shoulders and gently massage in circular motions, then move down to the hips. This is especially good if your dog is feeling stiff joints due to arthritis. Like people massage, there is a bit of an art to it and some veterinarians and pet stores offer dog massage training on occasion.

Hike: Find a nearby trail and go for a hike. Your pet will love the opportunity to experience the new scents in the woods. Just be sure to keep Fido leashed so he doesn’t run rampant and check him carefully for ticks afterwards.

Bath: Time –Your dog may not love being bathed, but everyone feels better clean. When was the last time your dog went to the groomer? If it’s been awhile, why not book an appointment? Your dog will feel great when he comes back.

Post a Picture of your Dog on Social Media: You probably don’t need an excuse to do this but share your cute pup photos and add #NationalDogDay so everyone who searches the hashtag can see yours.

Donate to Shelters: Toys, food, money, time, even old towels/blankets can help. Many animal shelters need some or all of these. So, if you have the opportunity, please contact your local shelter and see how you can help.

National Dog Day is a chance to not only shower our own pets with love but also remember those less fortunate who are still waiting in the shelters for their forever homes. You can share their pictures in your social media feeds to encourage adoption.

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DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

How do you celebrate DOGust? That’s right we said “DOGust” not August. The Animal League has deemed the month of August as a universal birthday for shelter dogs. Many dogs end up in the shelter after being brought in as a stray or rescued from unfortunate living conditions and there is no way of knowing their actual date of birth. DOGust is a great way for these dogs to have an official birthday celebration. Anyone can celebrate this holiday and we’re here to give you some ideas on how to celebrate this special day.

Plan a Party for Your Rescue Pup
Do you have a rescue dog of your own? Well, even if you already have a special day that you choose to celebrate his birthday, there is nothing wrong with throwing in an extra celebration on DOGust! After all, shelter dogs deserve to be celebrated EVERYDAY – don’t you agree?

Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter
Animal shelters are always in need of extra volunteers and DOGust would be the perfect day for you lend a helping hand. Shelter dogs are so appreciative of even the smallest acts of kindness and displays of affection – what better way to celebrate their special day than by showing up to give them some love and donate your time to the shelter’s needs?

Make a Donation to the Animal League
Organizations like the Animal League do so much to save and protect the lives of homeless animals and they deserve to be shown appreciation for all that they do. These organizations also rely so much on the charitable donations of others in order to continue to thrive and carry out their passion for helping homeless animals. Making a donation to the Animal League is a great way to celebrate DOGust and show your appreciation for the organization that cared enough to create this special holiday.

Donate Supplies to Your Local Shelter
Even the smallest animal shelters go through an overwhelming amount of supplies on a daily basis in order to keep the animals healthy and to provide an environment that they can thrive in. Some shelters even rely solely on donations to keep these supplies in stock. Check the website of your local shelters or give them a call and find out what supplies they are currently in need of and help out in any way that you can. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in some birthday treats for the DOGust celebration!

Adopt a Shelter Dog in DOGust
We can’t think of any better way to celebrate this special holiday – can you? If you have been on the fence for some time thinking about adopting a shelter dog, during DOGust would be the perfect day to do it! Talk about making a dog’s day – celebrating a birthday AND finding a forever home all in one day!

Thank you to the Animal League for making it possible for shelter dogs all around the country to enjoy a special birthday celebration. How are you going to choose to celebrate?

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Old Mother Hubbard Celebrates 90 Years of Baking with Party at Gloucester Dog Park

Were you at the Old Mother Hubbard 90th Anniversary Party at the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park on Saturday, June 18? We all had a great time celebrating #90YearsintheBaking with a doggy photo booth, dog park, demonstrations and vendors, a doggy ice cream truck and more. Check out some of our favorite photos below, and view the entire album, here. If you’re interested in purchasing prints of any of the photos, please contact photographer, Georgia Pantazopoulos:




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Celebrate National Biscuit Day with Old Mother Hubbard

If you’re English a “biscuit” may conjure up images of what Americans usually call a “cookie.” If you’re a Southerner, a biscuit is a fluffy savory concoction appropriate for any meal.

If you’re a dog lover, a “biscuit” often means a dog treat. No matter what you call it, May 29 is National Biscuit Day which is a cause for celebration.

Here at Old Mother Hubbard, we celebrate National Biscuit Day every day by baking tasty treats dogs love.

Dog treats have come a long way through the years, the early versions—dating back to the 19th c. –were made of stale moldy bread and leftovers.

Old Mother Hubbard pioneered a tasty snack for dogs way back in 1873. Well, OK, originally, they were snacks for sailors as Old Mother Hubbard began in Gloucester, MA. It’s said that one day a sailor tossed one to his dog who gobbled it up, and the rest is history.

In 1961, Old Mother Hubbard was purchased by an animal nutritionist named Jim Scott, Sr. and as you can imagine he poured his knowledge into baking the best treats possible. We continue this 90 year tradition using only natural, healthy ingredients like chicken, cheddar cheese, apples and carrots in the treats we bake today.

We’ve come a long way from those days of hardtack biscuits!

What to Look for in Your Dog’s Biscuits

There are many varieties to choose from in today’s dog biscuit world and savvy dog lovers like you have plenty of choices.

Here at Old Mother Hubbard, we like experimenting with different flavor combinations and ingredients. We have our Classic Biscuit which comes in four flavors. We have biscuits for tarter control and even low-fat biscuits for the dogs who need to reduce a few pounds.

We also have biscuits with supplements built right in. For example, if your dog suffers with hip and joint pain from doggie arthritis, you might want to include treats that add Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate such as Old Mother Hubbard Mother’s Solutions Hip & Joint Health Biscuits which can help ease joint pain.

No matter which flavor you choose, if you treat your dog with Old Mother Hubbard Biscuits, you can be sure you’re feeding natural, high-quality snacks.

To celebrate National Biscuit day and Old Mother Hubbard’s 90 years of baking natural dog treats, you’re invited to join us June 18, 10am-2pm ET at the Gloucester Dog Park in Gloucester, MA. You can get your dog’s photo taken, make Old Mother Hubbard doggie bags at the Biscuit Bar, meet some Boston-area celebrity pups and even treat your dog to a doggie iced treat from the ice cream truck! For more information on this free event, see our event page on Facebook.

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Prevent Accidental Pet Poisoning with Poison Prevention Awareness

Imagine this scenario, your beloved black lab Rufus starts gagging and vomiting. This isn’t the one and done kind of thing either, it keeps it up for several minutes. In a panic you call you veterinarian who asks if it’s possible that Rufus ate something he shouldn’t have.

Knowing Rufus, it’s QUITE possible. He’s always eating things he shouldn’t. The question is what, you start poking around the house and don’t see anything out of place, but when you step outside, you realize your newly laid mulch and new azalea bush clearly bear the markings of one Rufus dog. The mulch looks rolled in and there’s small pile where he dug. When you look at the bush, it’s got a couple of branches that were chomped on.

Could this be the source of Rufus’s upset tummy?

Quite likely.

Dog smelling dangerous plant

Veterinarians say that every year, thousands of pets suffer severe gastrointestinal distress and sometimes even die, all because they accidentally get into common household items.

Since March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month it’s a great time to review your home for pet safety. This is particularly true if you’ve recently moved or adopted a new furry member into your family. Modern households are full of potential hazards. Everything from Clorox to Antifreeze to certain plants are can risk the lives of overly curious pets.

10 Most Common (and Poisonous) Household Substances:

Some of these may seem pretty obvious while others may be a surprise. The key is to try and view your home through the lens of an overly curious pet. What might seem “interesting?” Can you pet reach anything they shouldn’t?

  • Medications – Both prescription meds and over-the-counter are dangerous if they’re not taken as directed. Be sure to keep them in a drawer or a cupboard where they’re inaccessible to curious noses (and mouths.)
  • Household cleaning supplies – Our homes are full of cleaners of all varieties. Many of them can cause renal failure and even death if ingested. Curious pets have been known to chew bottles apart and lick up the liquid. If your pet is the type to get into cupboards, try childproof latches on your doors.
  • Xylitol – A common ingredient in sugarless gum and candy, this ingredient can cause rapid blood sugar drop which can lead to kidney failure and seizures. Some dogs have been known to fish sugarless gum right out of his owner’s purse. It’s a good idea to keep your purse out of Fido’s reach.
  • Anti-freeze – It can leak from your car or spill when pouring. Anti-freeze smells sweet and enticing. It apparently tastes good too. However, it can wreak havoc on your pet’s insides causing vomiting and seizures. Don’t let them near the stuff.
  • Some foods – Macadamia nuts, chocolate, raisins/grapes, onions, — each of these foods have a history of dogs causing vomiting and other gastro-intestinal problems.
  • Plants – Sure, they look pretty, but there are hundreds of plants that can be toxic to both dogs and cats. Common plants like Daffodils, African Violets and Azaleas are just three to keep out of reach of chewers.
  • Poisoned mice and other rodents – If you’ve ever had a rodent problem and you put down poison, you probably make sure your pets can’t access it. However, if the mouse ingests the poison and expires in the middle of the kitchen floor that also poses a danger to Fluffy because the rodent is filled with poison. Take extra caution.
  • Chocolate Mulch – Really it’s “cocoa bean mulch” and, like its name implies, it’s made with the same ingredient that’s in chocolate. And, chocolate, as you know, is highly toxic to dogs.

This pet poison prevention month, take a look around your home, yard and garage. Is there anything that could potentially dangerous for your pet? Now’s a good time to clean it up or lock it up.

If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) hotline at (888) 426-4435. Experts are available 24 hours a day. There is a $60 fee.

How will you protect your pets today?

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International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

February 23rd is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, and whose dog doesn’t appreciate a tasty dog biscuit? While our four-legged friends have obvious reasons for celebrating this joyous holiday, pet owners also have plenty of reasons to celebrate International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Sure, we love to see the giddy look on our dog’s faces when we reach for the treat jar, but our appreciation goes much deeper than that! Here are some reasons that the dog owners of the world are celebrating this holiday.

They improve your dog’s oral health.
One of the great things about finding treats that your dog will love is that while they are savoring every last bit of their dog biscuit, they are also improving their oral health. Dog biscuits help to clean your dog’s teeth and even can treat bad breath, which makes it easier to endure a sneak attack of slobbery dog kisses.

They play a crucial role in dog training.
What’s the first thing that you do when you bring a new dog into your home? That’s right, you start training them. Dog biscuits and treats play a huge role in successfully training your dog. Whether you are house training or training your dog to heal on your daily walks, any good dog owner knows that the best way to achieve success is to reward their good behavior with a tasty treat. That’s how your dog knows to keep repeating that good behavior.

They are a healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

The evolution of dog biscuits have come a long way and these days what tastes like a treat to your dog is also a healthy addition to their diet. (Shhh…don’t tell your dog that!) There are countless different dog biscuit recipes available that can actually serve as a nutritional supplement to their regular diet, and that takes dog biscuit appreciation to a whole new level! Have you checked out all of the different dog biscuit recipes offered by Old Mother Hubbard?

They make your dog really, really happy.
This sounds like a good enough reason to us! Who doesn’t love to see their furry friends with their tail wagging and a smile on their face? That’s usually what happens when you get anywhere near the treat jar, am I right? It’s like your dog can sense it before you even open the jar. And after all, our dogs provide us with unconditional love on a daily basis – they deserve all the dog biscuits in the world for that!

They give your dog something to look forward to each day.
Does your dog get a treat every morning after going outside to “do their business?” Or maybe they get a treat every day when you come back inside from your daily walk? Dogs pick up on these things and they know when it’s time for their treat, which not only gives them a sense of a daily routine, but it also gives them something to look forward to each day!

They are our way of saying “Thank you” to our dogs.
As much as we wish that we could have full on conversations with our four-legged friends – that simply isn’t possible. (You know, because they can’t talk and all.) We have to find other ways to communicate with our dogs, which sometimes isn’t as difficult as it may seem. When your dog relieves himself at the right time and place, follows your commands, or simply does something irresistibly adorable, and you reward them with a tasty dog biscuit – that is our way as dog owners to say, “Thank you.” Have you thanked your dog today?

Although it may not be possible for us as dog owners to be as excited about International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day as our dogs are, we still have plenty of reasons to celebrate along with our furry friends. How are you and your dog celebrating?

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